IFNTF - Seminar Series 2021 Registration
Professor Stephen Rutherford will deliver this exciting talk:

"Student-mediated learning and personal learning networks during the transition to (and through) Higher Education"

When: 14/15th July 2021

We have tried to identify a time for the seminar that is accessible to all our members around the globe as follows:

Time: 1 hour @ 14th July UK 9 PM | 14th July North America Eastern 4 PM | 15th July New Zealand 8 AM | 15th July Australian Eastern Daylight Time 6 AM

The ability to undertake ‘self-regulated learning’ is a fundamental aspect of Higher Education. Students need to develop effective strategies for independent study as they progress into, and through, university. Support offered to students during transition to higher education typically focuses on teaching students study skills and strategies. However, this webinar will suggest that new university students already have highly-personalised ‘personal learning strategies’, developed through many years of trial and error, prior to university. Students need support in revising and adapting these strategies to the deep learning approaches and critical analysis required of the Higher Education sector. Key to the development of independent learning is the structure and extent is the peer-support and opportunities accessible to the student, their ‘personal learning network’. Effective and supportive social- and discipline-based peer networks are fundamental to the student developing their core identity as an independent and agentic learner. So fundamental are these social interactions, that perhaps we should adopt the term ‘student-mediated learning’ rather than ‘self-regulated learning’. In order to reflect the inherent social nature of the process. This seminar will argue that supporting the development of peer-led learning communities, and the evolution of student-mediated learning strategies is fundamental for effective support of students during their learning journey at university.

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