August 2017 Sea Ice Outlook Entry Form for pan-Arctic, pan-Antarctic and Alaskan Regional Sea Ice Extent
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This form is for August 2017 contributions based on July 2017 data.

Submission deadline: 6:00pm (AKDT) Friday, 11 August 2017.

Submission Guidelines:
• Please use the form below to enter your information for the core requirements.
• If you submitted last month, you can use the link that was sent via email a month ago to edit your previous entries. Unfortunately we can't resend the link if you've lost it.

In addition, to filling out this brief form, we encourage you to submit related files (additional information is at
• A more detailed Outlook report, including discussions of uncertainties/probabilities, including any relevant figures, imagery, and references.
• Gridded data or figures of full spatial fields (forecasts and/or initial conditions)
• Regional Outlooks
• Informal contributions

Upload related files via the Dropbox link sent with the email announcement of the Call for Outlooks.
If you did not receive the link to Dropbox, please contact Betsy Turner-Bogren (
Note: If either the Google form or Dropbox are not workable options, files may be sent via email to:

For questions about the Sea Ice Outlook, please write to Betsy Turner-Bogren, ARCUS at

After submitting the form below, you will automatically receive an email from "Google Form" that includes a link that allows you to update and edit your submission. Please keep that link for your future reference.
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1) What is the type of your Outlook projection? *
2) Starting in 2017 we are accepting both pan-Arctic and pan-Antarctic sea ice extent (either one or both) of the September monthly mean. As in 2016, we are also collecting Alaskan regional sea ice extent. To be consistent with the validating sea ice extent index from NSIDC, if possible, please first compute the average sea ice concentration for the month and then compute the extent as the sum of cell areas > 15%.
a) Pan-Arctic September extent prediction in million square kilometers.
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b) same as in (a) but for pan-Antarctic. If your method differs substantially from that for the Arctic, please enter it as a separate submission.
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c) same as in (b) but for the Alaskan region. Please also tell us the maximum possible extent if every ocean cell in your region were ice covered. See in the section on “Instructions for Submitting an Alaskan Regional Outlook" for detailed instructions.
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3) Name of contributor or name of contributing organization (this is how we'll label your contribution in the report, see a past report for examples such as *
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Name and organization for all contributors. Indicate primary contact and total number of people who may have contributed to your Outlook, even if not included on the author list. *
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If this is a contribution from a person or group not affiliated with a research organization please check this box:
4) This question is meaningless for August, feel free to skip it
5) "Executive summary" of your Outlook contribution (using 300 words or less) describe how and why your contribution was formulated. To the extent possible, use non-technical language. *
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6) Brief explanation of Outlook method (using 300 words or less). *
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7) Tell us the dataset used for your initial Sea Ice Concentration (SIC). Include name and date (e.g., “NASA Team, May 2017”). Required if sea Ice concentration is used. We also encourage you to submit initial fields to the dropbox, see in the section on "Submitting Figures and Gridded Data of Full Spatial Fields (Optional) of Forecasts and Initial Conditions" for detailed instructions.
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The rest of the questions are optional but your answers are encouraged. Be sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom.
8) Dataset of initial Sea Ice Thickness (SIT) used (include name and date):
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9) If you use a dynamic model, please specify the name of the model as a whole and each component including version numbers and how the component is initialized:
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Example answer for (9)
10) If available from your method
a) Uncertainty/probability estimate such as median, ranges, and/or standard deviations (specify what you are providing).
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b) Brief explanation/assessment of basis for the uncertainty estimate (1-2 sentences).
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c) Brief description of any post processing you have done (1-2 sentences).
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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