Request Your "Optional" EmTechWIKI Contributor Badge
Use this form to request a Contributor Badge when you add a new tool or resource to EmTechWIKI.

Do NOT use this form to request a badge for completing the Module 2 Discovery Exercise. Use the following link instead.
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Enter your institution, company, or organization affiliation: *
Enter the name of the NEW tool or resource that you added to the EmTechWIKI collection. (Note: This form is used to claim the optional Contributor Badge, NOT to claim your Module 2 Communication and Collaboration Badge.) *
Link to new EmTechWIKI tool or resource *
Enter the "preview" URL for the tool or resource that you added as to EmTechWIKI which serves as evidence of your contribution. This URL is found on the top of the "Add New Resource" EmTechWIKI page. When your Contributor Badge is issued the URL will be changed to the actual EmTechWIKI URL.
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Enter the username that you use on the EmTechWIKI WordPress login: *
Select the checkbox below to certify that you have submitted a new tool or resource to EmTechWIKI! *
Important Information
Badges are issued manually by the #EmTechMOOC team. You will receive an email from Credly within 2 weeks following the end of the course with additional information about how to claim and share your badge on your resume, CV, and/or social networks.

Learn more about #EmTechMOOC Coursera Certificates of Completion and digital badges on the EmTech site at:
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