Public Library of the Year 2021
Nominate a library for the Public Library of the Year award
Please read these instructions in full before filling out the application form.
If you require additional guidance when filling out the form, please e-mail your questions The deadline for applying is 15 May, 2021; all applications and supporting materials must be received by this date to be eligible for consideration. Case studies that exceed the given amount of words may be disqualified. Libraries build in 2019 and 2020 qualify for the award in 2021.
Please note that all applying libraries can have only one point of contact, through whom all contact must go through as to ensure clear communication.

Please note:
- All applications must be written in English.
- Finalists will be presented and the winners announced in conjunction with IFLA first virtual WLIC in August 2021.

All applications become the property of Systematic/IFLA and may be used for marketing purposes etc. Nominees will be mentioned by name on and possibly described further. The winning initiative will be described in detail.
Please read our full data policy here.
Name of the library
When was the library built/re-built
How does your library meet the following assessment criteria
Interaction with the surroundings and local culture
250 words max
Architectural Quality
250 words max
250 words max
250 words max
Learning space
250 words max
250 words max
Goals and vision
How does your library reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals and IFLA’s Global Vision
200 words max
Please provide a link to photos, floor plans and/or other architectural drawings that are relevant to the application. Please note that all links must be active throughout the period from 15 February 2021 to 1 September 2021. All photos uploaded may be used by IFLA/Systematic for marketing/publicity purposes in relation to the award. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure copyright to all uploaded pictures.
URL to pictures of the library
URL to floor plans of the library
URL to the library website
Contact details
Please note, that each applicant can have only one point of contact - through whom all communication must go through.
Email address
Telephone number
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