Diversity, Inclusion, Affordability, and Human Resources
*This chapter evolves from the “WWU Diversity Strategic Plan: President’s Task Force on Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity” which continues to be revised and refined.*
The Sustainability Advisory Committee welcomes your comments and questions to feed forward development. Please be sure to hit “submit” at the bottom of the page.
Vision: At Western, all students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders feel and are welcome, included, respected, and valued regardless of identity or group membership.
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Goal 1: Western fosters a campus climate, including the physical environment, which welcomes and affirms the diversity of individuals, groups, and cultures, promoting positive relations across difference.
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Goal 2: Via formal and informal leadership, Western advances efforts toward equity, inclusion, and diversity as essential elements of their work and be accountable for advancement of the university’s diversity goals.
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Goal 3: Western develops and sustains academic programs and initiatives that engage issues of access, equity, power, and privilege in order to encourage individuals to take action to create a more just world.
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Goal 4: Western builds healthy and sustained academic and professional communities that support and promote educational, professional, and civic development.
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Goal 5: Western reflects the ever-changing demographics of our state and the global community.
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Goal 6: Western models positive external relations in advancing diversity with community partners and underrepresented groups, building on local and global knowledges in ways that express humility, reciprocity, respect, collaboration, and a spirit of inquiry.
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