Universal Screening Questionnaire
As outlined in A213, R251, H4434:
Beginning with the 2019-2020 School Year, to the extent funding is provided or that approved screening tools are available at no cost, a local school district shall use the universal screening process to screen each student in the district who is in kindergarten through first grade three times each school year and as needed in second grade as outlined in the district's universal screening procedures, and any other student as required by the department, for reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and the need for intervention.
The Learning Disorders Task Force would like to have a better understanding of the current tools being used in South Carolina school districts to screen students in kindergarten through first grade. Please answer the questions below. All answers are anonymous.
What is the name of your school district? *
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What is your role in the district? *
What universal screening tool(s) does your district use for kindergarten and first grade?
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Of the screening tools on the list below, please select any tools currently used in your district or tools included in plans for next year.
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