Andornot Grant Application: Revised and Expanded 2021 Edition
For many years, Andornot has proudly sponsored professional association events and supported our colleagues through participation in conference trade shows. And in 2017 we introduced our Andornot Professional Development Grant, $1,000 awarded annually to one person to help them attend a conference.

This year is different: 2020 has been relentlessly stressful on everyone, and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted events and trade shows like a fox among the pigeons. Maybe you’re even thinking that professional development can take a back seat for a while, just until you catch your breath. We very much understand, and want to support you wherever you’re at right now.

In consideration of the times we live in, we have evolved our Professional Development Grant into a general grant that can be put to a wider range of uses, and we are making more funds available. In 2021, we will split $3,000 between multiple applicant. The funds may be used for professional as well as personal development, to help you keep going. For example, possible uses might include:

• Attending an online conference or workshop.
• Hosting an online conference or workshop.
• Paid time off work to work on a research project or prepare a paper for presentation.
• Paying a professional resume writing service to improve your job-hunting prospects if you lost work this year.
• Purchasing PPE.
• Simply taking a “mental health” day you wouldn’t normally get paid for.
• Going to a spa to help you de-stress.
• Purchasing a bicycle or running/hiking/walking gear.
• Adopting a very cute emotional support animal friend.

We’re open to your ideas for what might benefit you and your work or career in these challenging times.
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