Small Group Leader Info Form - Winter 2017
Please fill out this form OR a form at church (at the Information Center) if you are hosting a small group during the Winter 2017 Semester! We need this info by January 22nd. [WINTER SEMESTER: January 29th-April 22nd]
Your Name (& Spouse's Name, if applicable)
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What is your preferred method of communication?
Phone Number:
Example: 207-123-4567 (Cell)
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Do you intend to host a group just for the Winter Semester or Ongoing?
Groups can run just for a specific semester, or they can be ongoing as the hosts determine. The only guideline we recommend is that you attempt to have a new topic/study/activity at the beginning of each semester so that new members can more easily join your group.
Where does your group meet or where do you plan to meet?
Please enter the physical address of the location you meet/plan to meet. If undecided, just say that.
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What day & time does your group meet?
Please enter the start and end times of your group.
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What is the topic or activity of your group?
Open Door groups can be based around a topic or activity. It can be a more traditional Bible study, a gardening small group, a basketball group, etc. The 4 Key elements in the group are: Fellowship, Topic/Activity, Spiritual Component, and Prayer. PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE.
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Have you attended/do you plan to attend a Small Group Leader Training?
If you have not completed a training, Pastor Scott will contact you to set up a training time.
Are there any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have about hosting/leading a small group?
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