Small Group Leader Info Form - Winter 2017
Please fill out this form OR a form at church (at the Information Center) if you are hosting a small group during the Winter 2017 Semester! We need this info by January 22nd. [WINTER SEMESTER: January 29th-April 22nd]
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Do you intend to host a group just for the Winter Semester or Ongoing? *
Groups can run just for a specific semester, or they can be ongoing as the hosts determine. The only guideline we recommend is that you attempt to have a new topic/study/activity at the beginning of each semester so that new members can more easily join your group.
Where does your group meet or where do you plan to meet? *
Please enter the physical address of the location you meet/plan to meet. If undecided, just say that.
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What day & time does your group meet? *
Please enter the start and end times of your group.
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What is the topic or activity of your group? *
Open Door groups can be based around a topic or activity. It can be a more traditional Bible study, a gardening small group, a basketball group, etc. The 4 Key elements in the group are: Fellowship, Topic/Activity, Spiritual Component, and Prayer. PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE.
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Have you attended/do you plan to attend a Small Group Leader Training? *
If you have not completed a training, Pastor Scott will contact you to set up a training time.
Are there any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have about hosting/leading a small group?
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