Committee form (2021 - 2022)
Doppio has many Committees and working groups. A committee can be really helpfull for the association and you will learn a lot of it. Read below what the committees are and which you can join.
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But what are committees?
PR committee (Promotion):  
There is only one thing better than an audience, a big audience. The PR committee is making most of the promo within the assosiation for our productions and try to get as many visitors to our plays. Like to design posters? There couldn't be a better committee to join.

WebCo (Website Committee):
Do you like our website?
Yes? Great! You can help us maintain it
No? Well don't you look like just the person to fix it!
At the web committee we will try our best to update and introduce new features to the website!

TechCo (Technical Committee):
Have i peaked your interest? Then i have great news for you, the techco is still looking for members.
At the tech committee you will be trained to be able to run the technical side of performances.

Dekafe (decor and costume affinity ensembly):
Wood, needles, cloth and nails. This is the domain of our group of enthusiastic wood molders and cloth crafters. They are responsible for the sparkling decor and costumes to give our plays the flair it deserves.

AC (Activities committee):
Have you ever had a stupid idea for a activity but not enough people to join you. Well no more.
The activities committee is always looking for new members with fresh and unique ideas.

Do you want to learn the best way to pour beer. Or are you just interested in facilitating a great time? Then the bartenders have spot for you.

Yearbook committee:
Do you agree that the moments you share at doppio are just too precious to forget? Or that a lot of people have said some "interesting"things that absolutely need to be marked down in history? The yearbook committee is looking for insightful passionate people who want to report the year in a interesting and orderly way. Even wanted to be a journalist without having to study for it? Great, join the yearbook committee.

Starproduction committee
Every year Doppio will make an even more proffessional production which needs a lot of attention. The production has more budget and the committee needs to look for fundings and promotion possibilities. Would you like help to make this production happen? Come join!
Which committee(s) would you like to join?
What is a working group?
Investment Budget:
The investment budget working group researches if the current structure of the Doppio financial balance is sustainable. It will also propose a possible goal on what to do with the money in the investment reserve. To do this members will research financial customs as well as analyse the realisations of the past 5 years.

Luna Festival:
Luna Festival is a yearly culture Festival organised by the culture associations within Scala. Doppio wil also help to make this festival formidable.

The foyer is the place where visitors will wait and chat before they can enter the theater to watch the play. Right now the foyer is quite boring. Help Doppio to give our foyer a make-over.
Which working group(s) would you like to join?
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