CYC Certification On-Line Renewal Form
CYC Certified Practitioners renew their credential on a two year cycle. During the second year of the cycle practitioners update their contact information, affirm their continuing eligibility, pay a renewal fee, and document completion of requirements for professional engagement and continuing education over the two year period since the last renewal. Two methods of demonstration are available: Typical and Alternate. Payment can be made electronically or by mail.

Beginning in January 2018 this process applies to all levels of certification (Entry, Associate, & Professional). The CYC-P renewal no longer requires activity on a yearly basis.

Practitioners who have received an email notice from the CYC Office can use the simplified renewal process.

Renewals must be completed before the anniversary of the certificate issue date for a certificate to remain active.

If you need assistance in filing your renewal, contact the CYC Office at (979) 764-7306.

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With my initials in the box below, I am affirming that I am not currently under investigation nor have I been convicted of any crimes that would cause me to be denied employment working with children, youth or families in the state or province where I live and work.
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Failure to report changes in your criminal history are grounds for cancellation of certification.
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