New Family KG Placement Input 2020-2021
Welcome to Kent Gardens !!! We support #kgpride #strongertogether and focus on strong community and building relationships. Thanks for completing this form which will help us learn more about your child both academically and social/emotional needs. Note that we do have a separate form for kindergarten on our webpage as the questions are significantly different from the grades 1- 6.

If your child is in grades 4-6, they will have the opportunity to participate in additional specials that are elective. The majority of our students take strings in the 4th grade and band or strings in the fifth and sixth grade. On our website we have included a link for you to sign up there.

Please complete for each child. If you are struggling with grade level, please do reach out to Holly McGuigan, or Pier McGrath, or Tia Hawkins, We look forward to meeting you in person!
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My child received additional support in the classroom as noted below. If you have additional questions, you may email You should include any paperwork with your registration.
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My child was in an advanced academic program at our previous school. You should include any paperwork with your registration. You may email Stephanie Will with additional questions.
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