Freerice Account Migration
To all our Freerice players who have used the existing site,

It's been a journey! Thank you for being a loyal user on Over the past ten years we've raised over 200 billion rice grains together. All your right answers went to helping the United Nations World Food Programme deliver assistance to families and children in need. As the Freerice family continues to grow, we've now built a new home at and our Android app in the Google Play store (with an iOS one coming soon).

We've heard your concerns about the old site: sometimes it's too slow, sometimes the scores don't show correctly, and there are many bots and spam accounts floating around. That's why we've built a new site that will run smoother and allow you to play on your desktops and mobile phones anywhere!

But we will not be migrating the old site's totals or accounts to the new site — the technical issues with the old site make this almost impossible. This means that when we shut down the old Freerice on Wed 28 Aug 2019, your rice totals will be frozen as-is, and you won't be able to use the old site anymore to increase them.

But rest assured, every rice grain you've donated in the past has made a difference. To reward you for being a loyal user, we offer you something else:

As long as you've filled out this form correctly, we will go into the database, extract your old rice totals, and add them to a special section of your profile on the new Freerice site.

They will not be added into your new total, but will be a separate "legacy rice" section that reflects the effort you put in to making a difference on the old site.

We will also give you an exclusive avatar that will only be available for our loyal 'legacy users', so your effort stands out.

For now, all you need to do is fill out this form. Later in 2019 we will contact you via the email address you leave here, to let you know the date we'll be adding your legacy totals to your new profile, and giving you your reward.

Let's continue this journey of learning and doing good together — on the new and improved Freerice!

*The email address you leave here will NEVER be used for marketing or any other purpose, it will ONLY be used to contact you ONE TIME, to tell you that we've added your legacy rice totals to your new profile.
Your Freerice username on the OLD *
Your Freerice username on the NEW (this might be your email address, please check your profile page to make sure this is correct) *
An email address where we can reach you to tell you when we've added the legacy rice totals to your profile. *
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