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Since 2007, we’ve made a decision to reach out to and advance the circumstances of girls in Nigeria and beyond helping them in reaching full potentials through defending, protecting and promoting their right to education. It was a big goal, and we knew it was a task that we couldn’t accomplish alone. Everyone has a role to play in creating a lasting impact in the lives of girls and women. No matter where you live, whether you represent a Country, Government, School, Business, Organizations, Community, Church, Media or other, you will be provided with guidelines to facilitate the process of becoming a walking talking ambassador for girls and women through Girls Education Mission International in your school, organisation, community, nation and of-course globally. Our work at Girls Education Mission International would not be possible without like-minded volunteers like you. At GEM we are super happy to have you join our team of Volunteers. GEM Team of Volunteers are passionate individuals like you who are willing to lend their voice, time, energy, resources, talents, skills, expertise and purpose to support girls and women through various efforts. It might be helping to raise enough resources, or fund girls projects, serving in the Board or committee, organizing and hosting girls’ related programs and events, elevating our global and mini-campaigns in your community and engage in promotional activities via social media.

If you are passionate, and feel interested to Volunteer at Girls Education Mission International, then sign up below to express your interest, and we will be in touch with you. Note that none of the information you provide will be shared with third party. Responses are confidential. For details about Girls Education Mission International, check our website or Facebook page

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