Contingency planning: Critical worker response form
If you are a critical worker and would require a place in school for your child in the event of a partial closure, please let us know by answering a few questions on this form.
These students will be required to attend full time and if they are unable to attend, parents/carers will need to inform the school of absence as normal.
You will need to complete 1 form for each child in your family.
1. Please tell us your name *
2. Please tell us the surname of your son/daughter *
3. Please tell us the first name of your son/daughter *
4. Which year group son/daughter currently in? *
5. Please tell us which area of critical work your job is in *
Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to complete the form, just a reminder that you will need to complete 1 FORM PER CHILD IN YOUR FAMILY
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