Weekly Vegetables from Small Holdings Farm (Scotsburn): A Free-Choice, Market-Style CSA Starting May 24th, 2019
While, at the moment, spring does not seem "right around the corner", you may be - like us - occasionally daydreaming of the fresh, flavourful local vegetables spring, summer and fall might bring. Starting this spring, we will be offering a CSA program right here on the farm. We are now looking for approx. 20 households to take part.
What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and the idea is just that - local folks buying vegetables from their local farm and local farmers growing food for their community. To be specific, a CSA is a structured relationship between the community member (customer) and the farmer in which the customer purchases and then, over the course of the season, receives a "share" of the farm's harvest. Traditionally, the "share" comes to the customer in the form of a weekly box of mixed seasonal vegetables (for which the customer has pre-paid before the farming season has begun). This pre-payment provides the farmer with both financial means to start the season and a ready customer base. Over the years, farms have put their own personal spin on the CSA model and we are no exception.
The 6 Most Important Things to Know About Our 2019 CSA
(1) Our CSA is "free-choice" meaning that, each week at pick-up, you select the seasonal vegetables you want.

(2) Our CSA is "market-style" meaning, your CSA share comes in the form of a credit - what we call a "farm tab" - to spend with us as you'd like throughout the season.

*This system offers great flexibility to you! Each and every week, you choose exactly what you like - no need to take home a vegetable your family is not fond of only to have it hang around too long in the bottom of your fridge! And, you spend from your farm tab each week according to your needs and what's in season. For example, if you are having guests for supper in the days ahead, you may want to pick up extra salad greens or, if you have a loved one celebrating a birthday, a beautiful bouquet of fresh farm flowers might be just what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are away for a week - no problem - and, of course, no change to your tab will occur.

(3) Our CSA takes place on our farm. By that I mean, CSA pick-up is every Friday 4:30pm to 6pm and comes with the opportunity to take a walk around our farm - your CSA farm;

(4) Our CSA includes vegetables, herbs and flowers, all from our farm and all harvested fresh.

(5) We have two CSA sizes, a full-share and a half-share. As outlined above, you spend your farm tab as you'd like but for the sake of illustration, you could think of the full-share as $20/wk over 20 weeks compared to the half-share at $10/wk.

(6) And, last but not least, our 2019 CSA comes with a pretty sweet thank you from us! As a CSA member you will receive an additional 5% cash on your farm tab:
- full-share member pays $400 to receive $420
and a
- half-share member pays $200 to receive $210

*** Please note that you are welcome to purchase more than one share! You will be given this option on the form below.

Our CSA Season
Weather is always a factor in farming, but based on our previous years of experience and the benefit of our greenhouses, we anticipate our CSA season to run May 24th through October for an estimated 23 weeks.
What We Grow
How It Works Exactly
Each Friday beginning May 24th, you drop in at Small Holdings Farm (1999 Millsville Road, Scotsburn) between 4:30pm and 6pm. Laid out for you, much like you would see at the farmers' market, will be a full spread of seasonal vegetables, herbs and flower bouquets. You then do your shopping while bumping into neighbours and familiar faces. Once you have selected your items, we will total your bill and subtract your total from your pre-paid farm tab - no need to have cash on hand. Mid-way through the season, we'll check in to see if you'd like to top-up your tab (and pat yourself on the back for your healthy eating!) and, as the season nears an end, you are welcome to go beyond your tab by simply using cash at pick-up. Your tab will not carry over to 2020, however you could finish any remaining balance on your tab with a winter supply of garlic, squash, etc.

Please note that there may at times be a limit on the number of units of a particular vegetable for you to take. For example, when our cherry tomato harvest begins, we will ask that you take just one box so that every CSA member is able to have a taste! If you are interested in large quantities of a particular vegetable/s for canning, freezing, etc., we will let you know when that crop is bountiful.

How to Sign Up
One of the many thoughtful things about CSAs is the upfront commitment and payment from customers. By paying upfront for your season of vegetables, you enable us to plan our crops accordingly and support us in making necessary farm purchases this winter - from seeds and compost to wood for our greenhouse and perhaps a new garden fork for digging this season's carrots. So, with no further ado, to join our 2019 CSA, please complete the form below and send a deposit of $50 - or your full share fee - by e-transfer to smallholdingsfarm@gmail.com, or by cheque (made out to Small Holdings Farm) or cash. You are welcome to mail or hand-deliver your payment to our address, 1999 Millsville Road, Scotsburn NS B0K1R0. *Once we receive your completed sign-up form and your payment, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Warmly, Keltie & Michael
Small Holdings Farm

Address: 1999 Millsville Road, Scotsburn NS B0K1R0
Phone: 902-830-4113
Email: smallholdingsfarm@gmail.com
Facebook: Small Holdings Farm
Instagram: @smallholdingsfarmns

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