Application for ACLCA Registered Courses for the Continuing Education of LCACP’s
The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professionals (LCACP) certification, requires continuing education for its renewal every three years. There are many opportunities to receive continuing education (CE), including registered ACLCA Courses that have been accepted by the ACLCA in accordance with this document prior to its implementation. To facilitate this, ACLCA’s Certification Committee has developed this document to provide the minimum requirements that must be met when submitting a course(s) for acceptance as a Registered ACLCA Course. The completed document will be used by ACLCA’s Certification Committee to evaluate and accept such courses. An organization may submit one or multiple courses for acceptance.

The application for ACLCA Registered Courses consists of completing the Google Application Form and emailing copies of of a detailed course outline, master agenda, table of contents, or similar document that identifies the subjects taught in the course. These documents should be submitted as attachments via email to the ACLCA Certification Committee at
Name of Organization
Contact Person (name and email)
Organization Website Address
Course Title
Course Instructor(s) - Please include short bio
Course Level
Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Where Courses will be Offered
Cost of Course
Course Outline
Other Comments
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