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Building a just, inclusive church that lives out the gospel requires energies and efforts in many directions. While elections may not be the ideal avenue toward just relations, the fact is that the policies of the church are set by delegates elected to General Conference. And so, if we truly lament decades of anti-LGBTQIA+ policies and practices, and if we wish to commit ourselves to inclusion that breaks forth into liberation, how we vote matters.

Thankfully, there are many Iowa United Methodists who believe in the full affirmation and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ persons, while also striving for racial justice, gender justice, economic justice, environmental justice—in short, the gospel of liberation.

In order to amplify these voices and commitments, a coalition of justice-seeking Iowa United Methodists, organized as IAM United in Love, has vetted candidates according to the following priorities:
1. Willingness to stand against harmful discrimination and injustice with integrity
2. Candidates who are POC + Q + T (Person of Color + Queer + Transgender)—i.e, those most affected by discriminatory policies and practices.
3. General concern for diversity of experience, constituency, and age

Recognizing that we have many great candidates, we encourage you to lift up especially the following slate. As voting proceeds, pay attention to the inclusion-minded candidates who are doing well, and direct your votes toward them. By doing so, we can elect a delegation oriented toward justice and liberation.

This Slate is Endorsed by the Iowa Chapter of MFSA.

Blessings, The Iowa Methodists United in Love Team
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First Ballot Slate
218 Tyler Schwaller
237 Alejandro Alfaro-Santiz
234 Katie Dawson
208 Sean McRoberts
239 LaTonya Calderon
203 Nathaniel Nims
206 Chad Jennings
216 Joshua Steward
225 Andrea Kraushaar
235 Melissa Warren
214 Frederick Lewis
223 Lanette Plambeck

410 Catherine Rohret
440 Lindsay Drake
431 Erica Shannon Stueve
401 John Rothlisberger
413 Lynn Calvert
438 Rachel Hollingsworth
406 Alexe Johnson
434 James Baty
439 Michael Serface
441 Nitza Dovenspike
420 Angela Hansen-Abbas
414 Sally Hoelscher
For Consideration After the First Ballot (see instructions)
228 Matt German
201 Amy Johnson
224 Scott Kober
210 Alexis Johnson
204 Barrie Tritle
220 William Ranney
209 Paul Burrow

442 Lisa Steel
430 Rebecca Nims
437 Anne Marie Webb
433 Kathi Mitchell
432 Calvin Nicklay
403 Patrick Mulloy
445 Kae Tritle
405 Prudence Klinger
427 Kay Graber
422 Bobby Jo Paige
1. Share this slate!
2. During the First Ballot, please vote for the top 12 people in this slate in the order printed. This only works if we can get a large block of people voting for the same candidates.
3. The results from the First Ballot will reveal where our endorsed candidates rank amongst all voters. Using those results, reorder your slate using the endorsed candidates found on this sheet. Revisit here or go to http://IAMUnitedInLove.org to get the official updated slate after each ballot.
Listed Supporters:

Anna Blaedel, Ryan Russell, Wil Ranney, Amy Johnson, Sean McRoberts, Lindsay Drake, Irene DeMaris, Alejandro Alfaro-Santiz, Tyler Schwaller, Nate Nims, Alexe Johnson, Leigh Brown, Melanie Greengo, Christine Humrichouse, Kay Hooper, Elizabeth Bell, Jerry Avise-Rouse, Alan Lerstrom, Sally Hoelscher, Katie Dawson, Beverlee Bell, Laurel Capesius, John Rothlisberger, Jen Hibben, Rachel Burrow, Alex Bruening, Hugh Mackintosh, Carol Mackintosh, Gail Allison, Judy Wadding, Darline Balm-Demmel, Jonathan Heifner, Wendi Gillan, Alexis Johnson, Mara Bailey, Sarah Karber, Mary Lease, Gerald Kennedy, Tim Bonney, Emily Jacobson, Kathy Welsh, Mary Purdy, Ben Campney, Prudy Klinger, Kathleen Heinzel, Janice Bolger, Grace Spalding, Fred Lewis, Karon Rilling, Dick Clark, Larry Sonner, Mary Lease, Jean Swenson, Ron Peeler, Eloise Cranke, Jane Schultz, Linda Harris, Deb Parkison, David Harris, Jeanne Wolf, Melinda Cree-Anthony, Michael Davis, Dave Busiek, Sally Stromseth, Nancy Davis, Don Stromseth, Mary Austin, Jane Hardy, Nancy Davis, Gary Brown, Andrew Bardole, Sharon Naughton, Donna Brown, Beth Yeates, Rose White, Jenni Patty, Verna Boland, Diane Baker, Plilip Patton, Sally Thurman, Steve Williams, Benjamin Hucker, Lee Schott, Mary Odegaard, Jane Woline, Steve Odegaard, Dennis Ethington, Robert Thelen, Annette Nelson, Richard Brent, Pamela Sokolowski, Kwang Song, Mike Swyter, Cathy Brent, Linda Podhajsky, Sandra Lorenzen, Nancy Shadwick, Sue Schropp, Dave Shogren, Doug Peters, Cherry Shogren, Stacy Emrich, Brian Williams, Rachael Hollingsworth, Ann Gookin, Terry Stewart, Truman Jordan, Melissa Warren, Bob Davis, Chad Jennings, Rick Sundin, Julie Murray, David Morris, Trevor Vaughn, Kathy McFarland, Lorene Dykstra, Suzanne Johnson, Juliann Ahrens, Michelle Bequeaith, Valinda Parsons, John Metier, Anne Koth, Judy Nemmers, Bruce Dykstra, Douglas Harding, Vicki Fisher, Beth Harbaugh, Duane Daby, Mary Priebe, Barbara Roseman, Elsaadele Mcdowell, Linda Miller, Robert Stemme, Larry Klinger, Ryan Risdal, Amanda Winters, Nicole Smith, Bonnie Farland, Myrt Bowers, Nancy Thuma, Peggy Griffith, Paul Burrow, Carolyn Harada, Spencer Short, Carol Christensen, Christine Anders, Nancy Stockdale, Regina Cheatum, Ruth Tucker, Omega Dancel, Karen Steward, Bob Hoover, Leah Hoelscher, James Baty, Andrea Kraushaar, Sue Clausen, Alan Foote, Jo Hoover, LuAnn Buchholz, Rebecca Carver, Lynn Montague, Lanette Plambeck, Dianne Christopher, Lesley Stephens, Greg Cooper, Jan Johnson, Hyeunmee Kang, Ed Kail, Matt German, Joleen Woods, Carol Crisman, Nancy Bradley, Laura Thompson, Randy Blackford, Karen Laughlin, Pat Hicks, Peggy Ellingson, Diane Sorensen, Sandra Glenn, Laura Shanks, Linda Church, Ric Benzing, Tena Pratt, Mitzi Gezel, Linda Schrock, Jonathan Cox, Cheryl Ridenour, Art Allen, Mike Ray, Michael King, Irene Hope, Allison Steuterman, Jackie Cordon, Coreen Witke, Jackie Bradford, Kathy Clark-Dickens, Gayle Wilcox, Nicole Claussen, Ann Hemingway Uthoff, Mellisa Sones, Jackson Harper-Griffith, Scott Zartman, Jane Shepherd, Henrietta Klarenbeek, Linda VonFumetti, Elizabeth Davis, Jennifer Decious, Cris Decious, Kim Guardado, Lindsey Ford, LeAnn Robine, Alicia Wells, Angela Hansen-Abbas, Stephanie Buchs, David Wells

(The list keeps growing, we are currently at 433 people)

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