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Interested in guest posting on Living the Sweet Wife? Awesome! I'd love to hear your ideas for content! Living the Sweet Wife currently has a little over 385,000 monthly pageviews. In all guests posts, I will link to your blog multiple times and feature some of your social profiles as well. Please keep in mind that Living the Sweet Wife is a Christian blog. While you don't NEED to be a Christian to guest post, posts that directly go against Christian beliefs will not be accepted. Living the Sweet Wife accepts posts ranging anywhere from marriage, dating, friendships, mom-life, and sometimes health and fitness for women is appropriate as well. Posts should be helpful, easily applicable to women, easy to read, and preferably at least 900 words. Posts will be accepted or denied at my (Chelsea Damon's) discretion.

All that being said, I'm really excited to hear your ideas and work with you!

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