Homebrew Store Survey
I'm thinking of opening a homebrew store, and would really appreciate some input from homebrewers as to what they would like to see in a Local Homebrew Store. The store would be based in Hudson County, NJ, and would be easily accessible by public transport or car from surrounding areas in NJ and NY. Even though the store would be focused on the NYC area, I could use input from all homebrewers, regardless of your location.

In the survey, LHBS stands for Local HomeBrew Store

Where do you live? *
This survey is geared towards residents in the NYC area, but I would appreciate input from everyone.
Do you buy from a LHBS or online retailer more often? *
How do you typically travel to your LHBS? *
What hours are more important to you? *
Would you be more likely to visit your LHBS if it also sold craft beer and spirits? *
Would you take advantage of free same-day delivery from a LHBS? *
Would you take advantage of same-day delivery from a LHBS with a fee of $5-$10 attached? *
For grains / extracts, what is more important to you? *
For liquid yeast, which brand do you prefer? *
If you use Dry Yeast, check "no difference"
Do you buy grains in bulk (50+ lb)? *
Do you buy hops in bulk (1+ lb)? *
Please check all "non-beer" supplies that you would buy from a LHBS
Please check all "hardware" items that you would buy from a LHBS rather than online (pick-up or delivery) *
Approximately how much do you spend on brewing ingredients/supplies each year? *
Additional Comments
Feel free to write anything you want here if you have thoughts on what you'd like to see in a homebrew store.
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