2018 Bowling HOD & Coach Registration
Please complete the information below to register your Delegation's HOD, Head Bowling Coach and Assistant Coach(es).

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:
o HOD Contact Information
o Bowling Head Coach Contact Information
o Tournament Location Choice (new this year - we are offering multiple dates for the Central Maine Tournament due to increased participation where the age of the athlete (under 22 or 22+), will determine which specific dates to attend, see tournament dates for more information). For the Central Maine Tournaments only - Delegations with athletes in both age brackets (22 & Under and 21 & Under) will be required to submit this form for each tournament (once for all 22 & over athletes/coaches and once for all 21 & under athletes/coaches)
o Assistant coach names (this is anyone that will be registering with your Delegation that is not an athlete, unified partner, HOD or Head Coach)

At anytime during this process you can always select the "Back" button (bottom of the form, to the left of the "Next" button) to go back and review/edit the data that you completed prior to your current section. Once this form is completed entirely and submitted (click "Submit" on the last section) the HOD & the Head Coach will receive an email (to the emails provided) with a PDF confirmation of you what was submitted. Changes to what your Delegation submitted can be made up until 2 weeks prior to the State Soccer Tournaments however, the sooner the better!

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