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Spiritual practice helps to sustain us in our social change work, but it does more than that: Embodying and acting from spiritual wisdom allows us to tear down systems of oppression and create a culture of care without reproducing the suffering of the world we were born into. Perhaps we can cultivate these seeds of wisdom into the flowers of ancestral healing and collective liberation.

The following form will let us know more about you, and your lodging and travel preferences. If accepted, you will be invited to offer a $60 deposit to reserve your spot. Please contact with any questions.

Early applications will be considered favorably. Because we want to share the BBB framework in movements, we encourage you to apply with your action partner(s), whether you're working on the same project or in the same organization.

***Deadline to apply is March 22, 2020. ***
Wednesday - Sunday, July 1 - 5 | Land of Medicine Buddha, Soquel, CA
Image description: A brightly painted wooden sign reads "Land of Medicine Buddha / A Center for Healing and Developing a Good Heart" and features an image of the Buddha in seated meditation. The sign is planted among a forest, with trees in the background and ivy plants around the base of the sign.
Block Build Be 2020 will be at the Land of Medicine Buddha ( in Soquel, CA (just outside of Santa Cruz, in Northern California) . We will start at 12pm on Wednesday, July 1, and end at 12:30pm on Sunday, July 5.

This gathering of ~35 people is lovingly crafted as:

+ majority ABIPOC (Asian, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
+ accessible and supportive in as many ways as possible
+ an encounter at the intersection of radical politics and spiritual seeking
+ agile enough to respond to urgent conditions, slow enough to listen to the land
+ fun yet serious

*** Please keep in mind this is not a silent retreat. Block-Build-Be balances interactive workshops with guided dharma practice, plus opportunities for rest and self-directed activity. Think: 50% conference, 50% retreat. We welcome practitioners of all spiritual lineages, though BPF as an organization is grounded in Buddhist lineages. ***

In this application:

1. Tell us about yourself
2. Access needs while on retreat
3. Sliding scale and financial support we offer
4. Dana / generosity you can offer
Tell us about yourself! Don't be shy — the more you share, the better we can prepare for our time together.
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On Your Heart-Mind
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What, to you, feel like the most urgent political challenges right now? What major obstacles stand in the way of meaningful social change? *
Don't worry about being right, this isn't a test. We'd love to know your perspective on our current political context.
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What's blocking you from making the impact you'd like to make toward social justice, if anything? *
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Where do you experience tension between your spiritual practice and your political work, if at all?
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We look to our ancestors and the earth for guidance in our work to change the world. Who is a spiritual, political, or elemental elder you look to for inspiration? Why? *
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This is an opportunity to learn and grow with folks you're invested in working with. We encourage you to apply with your collaborators and action partners. We will prioritize these applications (one app per person, please). If you are applying with others: what are their names, and what is your shared project?
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