Longitudinal study of international students' adjustment trajectories IS CLOSED AS OF OCT 6TH.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST. THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Any response after 8pm on October 6th will NOT be compensated. Only those who participated in the first survey will be invited to the subsequent surveys.

You are invited to participate in a research study of the cross-cultural adaptation of international students. You were selected as a possible participant because you are an international student whose first language is not English and who has just started your first semester at the University of Minnesota. We ask that you read this form and ask any questions you may have before agreeing to be in the study.

This study is being conducted by: Reiko Hirai, Professor Patricia Frazier, and Professor Moin Syed in the Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Background Information
The purpose of this study is to understand the course of cross-cultural adaptation of international students and important factors that may contribute to adaptation.

If you agree to be in this study, we would ask you to do the following things:

You will be asked to take online surveys a total of 5 times throughout the academic year. The surveys contain questions that ask about your demographic information, feelings about yourself and your life, your experience of using English as a foreign language, your relationships with others, the academic environment you are in. The first survey is expected to take about 20 minutes and the following surveys are expected to take about 10-15 minutes.

Risks and Benefits of being in the Study
There are small risks associated with participating in this study. Some of the questions in the surveys may ask about personal or sensitive information, and could make you feel uncomfortable. For example, one of the questions asks, if you felt that you were not “worth much as a person.” Another question asks if you feel nervous speaking English in group discussion. You can choose not to answer any questions, or you may withdraw your participation at any time without negative consequences.

If you should experience increased anxiety or sadness or other very negative feelings after taking the surveys, you should seek support from resources available to you. If you experience a mental health emergency you may contact these places for assistance:

University Counseling & Consulting Services (612-624-3323)
Boynton Health Service Mental Health Clinic (612-625-8475)
Hennepin County Medical Center Crisis Center (612-347-3161)
Hennepin County Medical Center (612-347-2121)
Regions Medical Center Emergency Room (651-221-4356)
Regions Medical Center International Clinic (651-221-8749)

There are no or minimal benefits to you for participation such as increasing your self-understanding.

You will receive a $5 Target gift card each time for the first 3 surveys you complete. You will receive a $10 Target gift card for 4th and 5th survey completion. If you complete all 5 surveys, you will receive a total of $35 in gift card. If you are in a participating psychology class, for this semester only, you have an option to receive 1 REP point each time instead of a $5 gift card (maximum of 3 REP points). Participation is completely voluntary and confidential. The survey questions ask about your background information, your experience of using English as a non-native language, what it is like to live in the US, and your feelings about yourself and your life.

The records of this study will be kept private. In any sort of report we might publish, we will not include any information that will make it possible to identify you. Research records will be stored securely and only researchers will have access to the records. Your participation is anonymous and the information that connects your contact information and answers to the surveys will be deleted once data collection is complete.

Voluntary Nature of the Study:
Participation in this study is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your current or future relations with the University of Minnesota. If you decide to participate, you are free to not answer any question or withdraw at any time without affecting those relationships.

Contacts and Questions:
The researchers conducting this study are: Reiko Hirai (hira0036@umn.edu), Dr. Patricia Frazier (pfraz@umn.edu), and Dr. Moin Syed (moin@umn.edu). Please email us if you have any questions now. If you have questions later, you are encouraged to contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study and would like to talk to someone other than the researcher(s), you are encouraged to contact the Research Subjects’ Advocate Line, D528 Mayo, 420 Delaware St. Southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455; (612) 625-1650.

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