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ClimaTalk is a student initiative that seeks to demystify climate policy and platform young people's voices in the fight against the climate crisis. We're looking for guest authors to write for us about areas of environmental policy that interest them. Time commitment is very flexible and largely up to you, whether you'd like to write once a month or once every six months, or just once!

Depending on your area(s) of interest/expertise, we will contact you from time to time with a suggestion for an article you could write. If you have an article topic in mind yourself, we would also love to hear it.

We encourage sign-ups from authors of all backgrounds, with or without journalism experience. Please also note that this is a volunteer role. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via social media or on email,

Once you've filled in the form, please join this Facebook group: (if you don't have FB just let us know by sending an email)

To find out more about what we do visit our website:
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