Executive Assistant of IMUNA Application 2020-2021
The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) has opened applications for Executive Assistant of IMUNA.

- Manage and maintain complex detailed calendars and daily schedules.
- Oversee and manage meeting coordination and logistics (internal and external) Assist the determined Executive in daily functions and tasks as needed.
- Responsible for special projects relevant to or at request of the Executive: Database, research and analyze project data, site needs, etc. and make recommendations for improvements.
- Maintain and manage current organizational charts
- Take active part in meetings with Executive, prepare agendas and follow-up correspondence.
- Manage all administrative aspects of the Executive in an effective and professional manner, and act as PoC for internal and external interface.
- Produce high quality emails and messages internally and externally to all levels.
- Assist in editing spreadsheets and presentations for meetings.
- Function in cooperation with IMUNA departments and personnel, and act as gatekeeper to Executive for effective and smooth function.

Key skills needed:
-Calm Under Pressure
-Dogged Resourcefulness
-Ruthless Prioritization
-Strategic Multi-Tasking
-Emotional Intelligence
-Speed and Decisiveness
-Networking skills
-Analytics Skills

The accepted candidates will be accountable to the determined IMUNA Executive and therein the IMUNA Executive Board.
Select accepted candidates may also be consulted to be assigned to other tasks and/or positions, including but not limited to: Academics, Conference Supervisory, Events / Projects, Marketing, Relations or Special Consultant, working in tangent with the appropriate individuals in IMUNA and abroad.

* By filling out and submitting this application you acknowledge that the positions are unpaid but require commitment and high level of responsibility.
** The positions are open to students and young professionals alike.
*** IMUNA reserves the right to accept or reject any candidate without the need to disclose the reason for their decision.
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