Social Ideas & Survey
Your response is ANONYMOUS, so please be completely honest on how on I can make your Circle K experience better!
Please let me know of any socials you would like implemented (like more boba runs, sports/workout days, hikes, bowling, etc.). Also, please rate your experiences at socials thus far. And comment on what I should keep on doing or what should be improved and changed!

Also, please keep in mind that YOU can host your own social! If you do, your name will be entered into a quarterly raffle contest and you can win a prize at the end of the quarter! :D

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!! <3

Please rate your overall satisfaction of the socials you have attended thus far.
Very Poor
Super duper great (:
Which were your favorite socials to go to the past 3 quarters? (Please talk about at least 3)
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If there are any events I didn't mention, but you really liked, please mention here.
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Were there any events that you disliked? (Please mention them here and tell why if you can. )
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What events would you like to see in the future? (Please be as specific as possible.)
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What should I improve on? (ex: post events up earlier, host more variety, make more on the weekends/weekdays, etc)
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Comments/Questions/Or anything else you want to mention!
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