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This sheet is for people who WILL be competing only. 1 form per team.
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Team Member Names + Contact number for each (if applicable) *
We need a contact number on record in case of emergency. If a team member is a child without a contact number please indicate this here. Please also indicate their responsible adult.
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Does anyone in your team have a disability? *
Member Name + Disability. This is information the University needs in case of emergency and evacuation of the building.
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Does anyone in your team have any food allergies? *
There is likely to be food at the event and it would be good to know of any allergies (for instance, peanuts) so we can ask people to avoid these foods or eat them elsewhere.
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Are you, or any members of your team, a member (staff/student) of The University of Sheffield? *
If 'Yes, some of us' to the question above, which group members?
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How many robots will be competing? *
As per AWS 4.2 rules: "5g) A team may enter a maximum of four robots of which three may be rollers and one either a walker or a clusterbot."
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