MIST Nationals 2016 Accommodation Request Form
Assalamualaykum Regional/Assistant Director,

If you are attending MIST Nationals 2016 and need accommodation, please fill out this form on behalf of your region. You will shortly receive a PayPal invoice, and must fulfill the payment within 48 hours. If you are not a Regional or Assistant Director, and are a student, please do not fill out this form. Your region will contact you regarding payments and information.

Accommodation for MIST Nationals 2016 will be at University of Toronto's own Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre. Located on 89 Chestnut Street, in the heart of downtown Toronto, Chestnut Residence is a hotel-style accommodation.

This year, rooms will cost $109CAD + 13% tax/night. Maximum occupancy in each room is 2 students. Each room is equipped with an en-suite washroom and 2 double beds. Chestnut Residence will be providing linen and towel service, as well as a full breakfast buffet every morning in their newly renovated cafeteria. In addition to the rooms, students will also have access to the Lakeview Lounge on the 27th floor as well as The Hearth on the main floor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accommodation, please email info@misttoronto.ca.

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I agree to pay MIST Toronto the required $54.50CAD with a tax rate of 13% per night per person. I understand I am required to pay this amount within 48 hours of receiving my PayPal invoice, and am aware that failure to pay will result in a loss of my requested rooms.
How many rooms do you require?
If you require accommodation for more than one person, you will be forwarded an Excel sheet to complete with all the information of your dependents in addition to your PayPal invoice.
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As a attendee of MIST Nationals, I agree to adhere to the rules and expectations of living at Chestnut Residence, with the awareness that there may be other local students residing in the same building. I agree to maintain reasonable quiet hours from the hours of 11PM-7AM. I agree to ensure that all the attendees (students, parents, coaches, etc) under my responsibility will also adhere to these rules.
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