Sensory Meditation Survey
Would you like to be part a sensory content testing at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival? ...
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1. What is your favourite smell from nature?
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2. What is your favourite view from nature?
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4. What are your favourite nature elements?
5. Are You Practicing Meditation?
6. If Yes, What type of meditation do you practice?
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7. If Yes, What are your main goals or objectives that you would like to achieve with meditation?
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8. How much time do you spend on daily meditation?
9. When do you meditate?
10. Have you heard about Mindfulness Meditation?
11. Have you heard about Sensory Meditation?
12. Do you use any essential oil for meditation?
13. Did you know that audio-visual experience can be improved by related smells?
14. What device using or would you use for meditation?
15. What tools do you use for meditation?
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16. Would you like to try our software for 2 weeks?
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