Little Farmer Program 小农夫
Welcome! 欢迎!

<<Package Price 配套价>>
👨👩Adult 大人 = RM52
👦👧Child 小孩 = RM47
(below 12 years old 12岁以下)(Below 3 years old is FOC三岁一下免费)

[Promo package include优惠配套包括:]
- Educational fruits and vegetables farm tour 
- Educational poultry farm tour
- Harvesting experience - each visitors get to harvest a specified amount of seasonal product such as sweet potatoes/corn/reddish.
- Animal feeding experience - each child is given 1 free portion of animal feed
- 1 free fresh harvest bag consisting of our fresh products as souvenirs to bring home. 
- 教育菜和水果园之旅
- 教育动物养殖场之旅
- 体验农夫割收农产 - 每位都有机会挖特定数量的当季产品
- 喂动物 - 每个小孩都能有一份饲料
- 1个新鲜袋让您带我们的新鲜产品回家

"Add on promo 添加优惠"
Goat Feed milk 喂羊奶 :RM5
Chicken Feed 喂鸡:RM3
Farm Lunch Set 农园午餐配套 :RM80 for 4 pax 四人分

We are open from Tues till Sun as long as there are sufficient number of visitors.

Registered visitors for now现在注册访客
Confirmed dates 确定日期: -
Tentative dates暂定日期:
- 14/3/2020 Saturday 星期六 - 7 pax
- 15/3/2020 Sunday 星期日
- 21/3/2020 Saturday 星期六
- 22/3/2020 Sunday 星期日

*Confirmed dates are when we have sufficient visitors of more than 25. Tentative dates are when we have visitors but less than the minimum visitors of 25. Once its more than 25, we will notify you.
* 确定日期是指有足够的访客(超过25位)。暂定日期是指有访客但少于最少访客数的25位。一旦超过25位,我们将通知您。
For other dates, you can also register first, we will notify you once its confirmed.
其他日期也可以先报名, 确认开团后会通知您。
Once tour is confirmed, kindly make payment via bank transfer.

The locations of our farms are as follows我们农场的位置如下:
Harmony Farm 和谐农园 (Opening hours: 8.45am-11.30am)

Ostrich Wonderland Semenyih 鸵鸟园 (Opening hours: 10am-6pm)

For more information on the tour itinerary, please refer to the image below. If you are interested to book, lunch set menu is provided at the bottom.
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No. of adults大人: *
No. of children小孩 (<12 yo/12岁以下) (<2y FOC/两岁以下免费)
Add ons / 额外添加活动
Add on in advance at a cheaper price! 提早添加能享受优惠价!
No. of goat feed羊饲料
No. of chicken feed 鸡饲料
Special lunch set/特别午餐配套
Special Lunch Set at RM80 per set (4 adults portion)
- 1 whole steamed Wen Chang chicken
- Fried farm vegetables
- Fried ostrich egg omelette
- 4 Chicken rice
- Mulberry juice/tea
Please book 2 days in advance.

特别午餐配套RM80 (4个大人分量 )
- 一只蒸文昌鸡
- 炒新鲜农场蔬菜
- 煎鸵鸟蛋 4 碗鸡饭
- 健康桑果汁和/或桑叶茶
Special lunch set/特别午餐配套
Special request/特别要求
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