Pint of Science AU audience feedback
Thank you for supporting Australian science and attending the 2019 festival. We are passionate about making science accessible and fun - and about helping bring Pint of Science to more people in 2020.

Audience feedback is essential for us to find future funding opportunities. As such, we really appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions about your experience to help make the festival even better next year.

There is an opportunity at the end of this form to enter into the draw to win a #PintAU19 prize pack. The winner will be notified by 30th June 2019.
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... been to a Pint of Science event before 2019?
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Would you ...
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... attend the festival again in the future?
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How did you hear about the festival?
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Thinking about the entire 2019 festival
How much do you agree with these statements?
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I enjoyed the event
The speakers were very good at communicating their science to a general audience
The speaker's research topic is important for people to understand
The event was well organised
I'm someone who is generally interested in science
The choice of venue/s was perfect
Any comments you would like to add to justify the above ratings:
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Thinking about the future...
What do you think is good about the festival and what should we keep doing for next year?
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What is not important for us to keep doing next year - or what aspects of the festival did you dislike?
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What could we do to improve the festival?
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Do you have any suggestions for the following:
Pint of Science relies on donations and volunteer support. Please provide any contact details as you see fit.
Organisations who might be interested in sponsoring the festival?
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Local organisations who we could approach for future volunteers and/or make sure they know about the festival?
These organisations do NOT need to have an interest in science but may appreciate hearing about current research in a certain field. Also, if you are interested in volunteering personally, please say so and add your email address. We'll contact you again around September/October to check if you're still interested.
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Any speaker recommendations for next year?
Feel free to include an explanation of why they'd make a great speaker (ie, past FameLab finalist, interesting topic, great communicator, keen to get more experience)
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Any venues we should approach?
We're looking for venues with a projector screen, an AV system, preferably a quiet area we can corner off (e.g. function room) and enough space to fit 50+ people.
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Do you have any other feedback for Pint of Science?
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About you...
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