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The APMP in the UK is formed to support the membership in advancing the arts and sciences of bid, proposal and capture management. Please use the questionnaire below if you'd like to raise a motion for discussion at a future UK Board meeting.

Please note: we can’t respond to queries submitted here directly: they’ll be communicated through the Chair newsletter. If you’d like to address a board member or the chair directly, please use the “ask” link at the top of the page.

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Note: Please avoid generalities and try to keep your suggestion as actionable as possible. For example: "Rainbows are all well and good, but what is the best colour" isn't very helpful. But "Given that blue is plainly better than red, please can we make the UK logo all blue" is much more actionable.
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Finally: please explain what you think the relative merits of your suggestion are, in a few sentences. *
The UK Board is in place to benefit the UK membership as a whole. In discussing your suggestion, it would be useful to understand what the potential benefits of its action would be to the membership as a whole.
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Finally: would you be happy for a board member to contact you to discuss your idea in more detail? If so: please leave a contact email address.
Suggestions are normally anonymous, so please leave this question blank if you do not want to be contacted regarding it in the future.
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