Taylor White Moffitt Scholarship Application
Going to a yoga class midweek, sitting for meditation for 15 minutes, taking 10 breaths in traffic. Those are what we call firefly moments. Small moments that add up to help illuminate who we are and where we are in our lives.

Now stretch that into 5 or 6 days on end, a beautiful location in places like Coastal Maine, Todos Santos, Mexico, Italy and more. Add in daily asana practices, meditation, journaling and sharing, delicious food, and other amazing humans showing up with you—that is retreat. Retreat has the power to change how we live our daily life - learning more about ourselves, understanding our needs and wants, taking care of ourselves from the inside out. All this while connecting deeply with others.

Retreat is not a break or a party on the beach. Retreat is a place to turn yourself inside out, to give up what no longer works and to take forward the practices and tools to live your most empowered and peaceful life with ease.

If not now, when?

Financial Assistance:

All people with financial need are encouraged to apply. We value diversity in gender, age, race, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality.

Each financial assistance application is assessed by considering these factors:

● Financial need
● Circumstances that bring you to this moment in time
● Commitment to your personal growth
● Diversity you bring to the group
● Availability of funds to provide assistance to applicants

*In addition to the completed application, we request that you send a letter of recommendation from a friend/colleague in support of your application for assistance as well as your participation in the retreat.
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Name *
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How did you learn about this opportunity? *
Why you, Why retreat, Why now? We would like to know about who you are as a human, what you struggle with, what you get out of your current practice (yoga, meditation or other), and what you hope to get out of this retreat. *
Do you have a regular yoga and/or meditation or other spiritual practice? If so, please tell us about it and if not, why not. *
Tell us about your prior personal work and practices that may have readied you for this experience. *
What is it about this particular retreat that speaks to you? *
Why is it the right moment for you to go on retreat? *
What behaviors or lifestyle habits do you currently engage in regularly that you believe are self-destructive? *
What do you feel challenges you the most in your personal growth journey? *
Retreat Cost and Your Need: This application is for need-based financial assistance. The total cost of this experience varies based on location, lodging, room accommodations, transportation to the country/city/retreat center, etc...Please describe your need for financial assistance. *
Historically we have sponsored students retreat experience and included their lodging, food, the retreat itself. One way to demonstrate commitment to participating in an experience is to pay a portion of the cost such as your flight and transportation to the retreat center. What portion of the total retreat cost can you pay yourself? Please explain. *
Pay it Forward: Although you haven’t experienced it yet, retreat has the power to change your lives in most of the ways you want--bringing you clarity, power, truth and energy. Imagine you are able to attend retreat, and you have a wonderful and engaging experience. You decide you want to take your experience into the world and pay it forward. If there were absolutely no obstacles, how would you do this? Here are a few ideas, but think introspectively about what you would really want to put your efforts into based on what you like and any past experience... Would you give a talk in a local school or organization? Would you write a book? Would you create something tangible to share with your friends? Be detailed in your description, and let us know why you have chosen your particular way of sharing with others. *
Consent to Heal *
What to expect: Once you have submitted your application you will be notified we have received it. We will contact you to set up an in-person or telephone interview to complete the application process. We will inform you within 30 days of your application if you have been accepted or not. If accepted we will offer you the first available spot in the next available retreat. You are welcome to request a particular retreat due to time or location and we will do our best to accommodate you, without guarantees of course. Thank you for your interest, your application and for letting us get to know you. We hope to see you on retreat! Please direct all questions and/or inquiries to: Kellie Brown-walkbarefoot2@gmail.com
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