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We are working with local health and care teams to support them through this difficult time. Most of the support is for making and distributing kit. There are a combination of roles and you will receive induction for all the roles and there will be clear guides on social distancing and all the other precautions that are required at present.

By making this submission, you will be showing your interest in joining our volunteer team and start the process. We will have a conversation with you about your health, availability and work situation to make sure that we are not putting you at any undue risk. This will take place by phone and we do not expect you to disclose any sensitive information and all information will be kept confidential. You can pull out at any time from being a volunteer and we appreciate that everyone's situation is changing at short notice.

Thank you very much for your support and please complete the questions below to continue.
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Travel and getting involved
We know that there are a number of practical issues we have to help with and once we know what your role is, your induction will cover the very important points relating to working on a project during this time including permission to travel etc.
Confidentiality agreement. Please read carefully
As an Associate or Volunteer for Tangerine Bee, you may have access to (or may learn of) information of a confidential nature including personal volunteer, donor and/or client details. Confidential information includes the contents of any operating manual and processes, which can only be disclosed to people outside of the project. with permission.

When someone gives us any confidential information, they need to be sure that we will not pass this on to anyone else without their prior permission. The only exception to this is if you have been party to any information which raises a concern to you, such as a safeguarding matter. In this case, you will be expected to share this with the Managing Director of Tangerine Bee.

Confidential information includes (but is not limited to) emails, text messages, data collection system entries, spoken words and presentations, printed documents, loose notes, diaries, staff names and contact details, memoranda, drawings, photographs, electronic, magnetic and optical storage, and computer printouts.
Confidentiality Statement
I understand that while working as an Associate or as a Volunteer for Tangerine Bee Ltd, I may come across information that is confidential. I agree that I will never disclose such confidential information to anyone outside of the project, subject to the exception outlined above.

I also agree to respect the intellectual property of Tangerine Bee where it applies and not to pass on any project specific forms or documentation I may use in the course of my work or volunteering for Tangerine Bee to anyone outside of the project.

I understand breaches of this agreement could result in termination of my work or volunteering with
this project and Tangerine Bee.
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