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(All) What are your hopes for JOFEE Network Gathering -- both specifically through the JOC presence and/or affinity group and generally for the entire experience?
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Funding and Support
Registration fees cover all food, housing, and program costs and start at at $270 (for camping) or $360 (for basic economy cabin housing).

All JOC registrants will have their entire travel and registration costs covered through either Hazon and/or the individual’s employer. We also expect that our JOFEE partner organizations will contribute to JNG travel and/or registration to the extent possible.

If you currently work for a JOFEE organization or other Jewish institution / organization, please discuss your attendance with the organization to determine whether and how much they can contribute to your JNG participation. We see this as an opportunity for the organization to invest in you as a JOC staffer and demonstrate their commitment to increasing the presence and visibility of JOC leadership. While we do not expect partner organizations to cover the entire load of expenses, the more resources can be shared the more support we can offer to more JOC.

For those who do not work for a JOFEE / Jewish organization and/or who do not have funding sources, Hazon will cover your registration and travel costs (within reason) in their entirety. Funding is limited so the sooner you submit this form the better!

Is your organization able to offer funding support to your JNG attendance (registration and/or travel)? If yes, how much / in what form?
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How much additional support will you need from Hazon?
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Affinity Groups
At JNG, JOC/ISM will form one (possibly two) affinity groups that will gather at multiple points throughout the program to build and strengthen personal and professional relationships, discuss JOC needs and opportunities in the JOFEE space, and identify opportunities for collaboration. We foresee that these discussions and working conversations will serve as a platform to catalyze larger scale programs, projects, and initiatives in the JOFEE space that will benefit JOC inclusion and leadership, and inform JOFEE professional practice and pedagogy.

While all JNG participants will be invited to join an affinity group based on identity and/or thematic interest, JOC will be a particularly core affinity group to the work we hope to accomplish during JNG. JOC are *not* required to join the JOC affinity group. While JOC are invited and encouraged to be a part of these conversations, you are welcome to join a different group if it feels more pressing / compelling to you. Do note that we are asking that once participants join an affinity group they stay with that group through the entire program.

We acknowledge that by having these small-group meetings alongside one another we might be asking you to choose between issues you care deeply about and/or prioritize your racial identity above your other identities. We also acknowledge that this is somewhat problematic and ask for your support and patience as we navigate a tight schedule, packed with the complexities of intersectional dialogue.

Do you anticipate being part of the JOC Affinity group? (note: this is not a requirement of funding or support)
Identity & Representation
Please note that this support is specifically dedicated to those who identify as JOC (which we also include as indigenous, sephardi, and/or mizrachi identifying folk). By completing this form, you affirm that you identify as a Jew of Color.

The following information is for tracking and representation purposes.

Please affirm which of the following identities you hold (you may check multiple boxes):
Racial identity:
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Any other comments for the planning team?
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