Virtual GridCon 2 / LobsterCon 2 Bring n Buy
Use this form to enter your items for the Virtual Gridcon Bring n Buy as follows:

1. If you are on Facebook, and want to also post it there, please post to the Event:
2. Fill in this form for each item you want to sell.
3. If an item sells, please go to the Raw Data tab and mark it as sold on the Bring n Buy spreadsheet here -

If you successfully sell your item(s), please consider donating to the charity:

The data you enter into the form will be public information and can be seen by anyone
GridCon accepts no responsibility for anything that may "go wrong" with the sale. We are just providing the infrastructure to make this possible. It is up to individuals to contact each other and arrange transfer of money / post the games, etc.
No one is entitled or permitted to download, use, or store data shown beyond use in arranging the purchase of an item unless permission is expressly given.
What game are you selling? *
Your name *
Price including postage (to the UK) *
Just write as a number, i.e. 24.50 not including the £ sign.
Condition: *
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Link to the post on GridCon FB group
Remember: Please post to the Event page and not the main GridCon FB group. Get the link by clicking on the timestamp on your post, copy the link address and post it here.
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