Young Generation in Radiation Protection Survey [2017 - 2018]
First: Welcome!

The Youth Club of the French Society for Radiation Protection (SFRP) and the Rising Generation Group of United Kingdom Society for Radiation Protection (SRP) - under the auspices of the IRPA Young Generation Network - have drafted a survey intended for the young generation in radiation protection.

> Who can participate?
The survey is for “young” radiation protection professionals and scientists (post doc. etc.). “Young” means that you are ≤ 35 years and/or have ≤ 10 years of work in radiation protection.

> Why do I need to participate?
The objective of this survey is to gather elements of information about the young radiation protection generation and also allow them to express their hopes and wishes. The survey is a place where you - as a young RP - can express your view and opinion about your work in radiation protection and foster the future of our generation.

> Expected completion time is < 20 minutes.
> The survey will be closed 31 December 2017 (midnight).
> The survey is of course anonymous. But you can leave your email (somewhere) if you wish being kept posted about the outcomes.

The results will be made available by June 2018 and broadcast. IRPA 2018 congress will be the opportunity to present and discuss the results.
We hope the results might be of great interest for everyone who participated !
Thank you in advance for your time.

Part 1: About you
How old are you?
What is your weight? No, just kidding. -- In which country are you working?
Your answer
Are you a classified worker for working under ionizing radiation?
If yes, what is your individual exposure for the last 12 months? [please speak in mSv!]
Your answer
Part 2: Your background
What is your (initial) background qualification?
The main topic(s) of your (initial) background qualification? [multiple answers possible]
By which way did you enter in radiation protection?
Why did you choose radiation protection?
Did you undergo a specific post graduate or on-the-job-training/diploma in radiation protection?
Part 3: Your professional situation
And today, you are ...
Have you ...
Your (main) employer is a ...
In which sector ?
What was your income in 2016 (gross salary - eventually rounded but all taken into account) [please speak in €]
Your answer
Do you have management responsibilities?
Globally, what is your position about working/studying in radiation protection?
very satisfied
not satisfied at all
Do you intend to continue working/studying in radiation protection for, let's say, the next 5 years?
Part 4: Securing and fostering the young radiation protection generation
To specifically support young radiation protection generation, does your company/organisation has set up
To specifically support young radiation protection generation, do you wish your company/organisation to set up
To specifically support young radiation protection generation, does your national radiation protection society has set up
To specifically support young radiation protection generation, do you wish your national radiation protection society to set up
As a young radiation protection professional/scientist, are you
Do you want to add anything about what organisation or societies can do to support and secure the young generation?
Your answer
International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) is regularly organizing conferences and now aims at targeting the young radiation protection generation, notably with specific refresher session. Do you have proposal for the themes of refresher session?
Part 5: Ideas for further development
The previous part should already help identify areas of progress for the young radiation protection generation. Here are some thoughts, do you agree with them?
Do you see other issues that we could challenge?
Your answer
The survey is a priori anonymous. But if you want to leave your email to be individually kept posted of the result and the follow-up etc. you can leave it here :
Your answer
Part 6: Playground
Please write whatever you want, but, please still relevant with radiation protection: remark about the survey, question [leave your mail then], etc. Good jokes in radiation protection are accepted and will be published in the summary of the survey. Here is one: a neutron enter in a bar, order a beer. When he would like to pay, the barman say "no, it is free of charge".
Your answer
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