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IMPORTANT: For technical positions focus on- programming languages, IDEs, software, robot platforms, operating systems you are comfortable with along with projects you’ve previously worked on. Also mention any other detail you think might help us choose you. If any of your projects (codes, images, or videos, etc.) are available online at a blog or website, please make sure the links to these are included in the resume, email or form.

Email your detailed updated PDF copy of resume to with the subject: "[Internship/Job] Requirement – [Your current degree]".

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Mention anything you'd like us to know. If we need people urgently there might not be time for an interview and we'll call you directly based on your resume and the answer here. So don't miss out on anything. Mention all the skills you have, software you've worked on and are comfortable with (if applicable), hardware platforms you've worked on (if applicable)? What's our favorite coding language(if applicable)? What were your roles and contributions to the projects you mentioned in the resume? What crazy/unique skills do you have besides the technical ones? Do you have prior experience (tell us what you learned there)? What's your favorite movie/tv series (why that one?), favorite book (why that one?), hobbies (don't mention these in your resume)? Do you know anyone who has been a part of our company before (Yes? Who? How do you know them?). Why are you a good fit for our company? What do you expect to learn from this internship? Are you only available for a certain time period or days of the week (mention it)?
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