Clown-in-residence 2018
Hello! Welcome to Holly Stoppit's clown-in-residence dream time!

This autumn, Holly will be the clown-in-residence at Bristol Museum, offering performances and play sessions in amongst the museum’s Clowns: The eggs-hibition. The exhibition includes a collection of clown eggs from the clown egg register - egg shells painted with clown makeup to copyright each clown's unique look.

Your answers to the following 5 questions will influence what Holly will be getting up to in her improvised solo performances. She'll take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and see what happens.

You can come and see for yourself at her performance from 11am-12noon on Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 October & Thursday 1 November (half term) and Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November. Or you can read about it all on Holly's blog:

Thanks a million for your input!
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