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It takes a village, and a community, to build something great. We want to hear from YOU about what you'd like to see created in the world. This form is a place for you to submit your ideas and some questions to help you expand on it. If you don't know the answer to a question you may leave it blank.

The Fifth Element community is dedicated to creating positive change in the world starting with our local communities. We promote, inspire and uplift others through our events and projects. We reserve the right to vet ideas and submissions at our discretion to preserve the integrity of our efforts and our mission. We envision a more positive and sustainable future and encourage you to share your ideas as the pertain to our mission.

*We require email addresses so we may contact you if your idea is accepted or if we have additional questions and follow up. We promise not to share or sell your personal information and your email address will only be used for the above purpose.
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