ASDA District 1 Presents: Business Foundations
Join us Feb. 22nd at 125 High St Boston for a day of learning everything you wish you were taught in school. Speakers include:

Jon Eskow, founder and lead attorney for The Eskow Law Group exclusively for dentists. Learn about employment contracts and structure from the hundreds of Jon’s transactions with single and group practices and DSOs from across the country. See actual contract language, like restrictive covenants, that could affect your and your family’s future. And learn about buy-ins, partnerships, and practice purchases.

Mark Rosen, partner of The Rosen Group Dental Accountants: Learn the financial fundamentals from seeing actual budgets, expense reports, and profit & loss statements from actual practices. And the ins-and-outs of evaluating a practice for purchase and how to make it even better when it’s yours.

Tyler Destefano, principal of The Living Legacy Financial Group and Co-founder of the Doctors Disability Specialists, and the nation’s leading advisor on disability insurance for dentists: Successfully and economically protect your new-found income and future wealth. See side-by-side disability policies to be aware of the most suitable language and pricing for your individual and family circumstances so you won’t be at the mercy of brokers and sellers. Tap into a vast storehouse of practices looking for associates, and get great referrals to address your student debt consolidation.

Debbie Hsu, Wells Fargo Financial advisor: Adopt the keys now for your future wealth; successfully address your student debt consolidation, learn how your student debt can be dissolved in a practice purchase agreement, and become the most eligible candidate for financing the future practice of your dreams with prudent decision-making.

Ed Coppelman, Founder CSquare Construction dental office design and construction. Learn how patient flow utilizing efficient office design will enhance your clinical abilities and practice success. A builder who has devoted his life to dental office space is an invaluable tool when redesigning or adding to your newly purchased practice or building your first office from scratch. Avoid the plethora of complications a general builder will encounter.

Paul Vigario, Founder and President of SurfCT, the nation’s leader in dental information technologies. Learn how you can use todays technology and social media to become a valuable and indispensable asset to an established practice as a candidate or incoming associate. And grow your own clinical skills and patient base to position yourself for practice ownership.

Dr. Howard Pactovis: founder of Dynamic Dental Safety, New England’s leader in dental safety and risk management. Learn about the latest issues that will keep you practicing successfully now and in the future, whether you practice by yourself or in a group. Learn to maintain your standards no matter what your practice environment is.

Registration is from 8-9 am. Breakfast, lunch and a laptop bag included. At 4 PM there is an optional opportunity to meet with the expert speakers and ask them questions for free 1 on 1.

Cost is $10, Venmo @ASDADistrictone
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