Ames Has Talent 2020
Come showcase your talent at this contest for youth!

“Ames Has Talent” is patterned after “America’s Got Talent” with local judges, and is open to performers in grades K-12 throughout the state of Iowa. This is meant to celebrate all singing, dancing, playing of instruments and many other talents!

The event will be held on Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 4:00 pm at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 1416 20th Street, Ames, IA.

- Participants must be in grades K-12.
- Acts are required to keep the performance at four minutes or less. Set-up time is not included.
Please try to limit set-up time to one minute. Drums, amps, etc. are discouraged due to the one-
minute set-up time.
- A piano and microphone will be provided. Participants are responsible for any other equipment
needed to perform their talent.
- No more than five persons are allowed in an act. Piano accompanist may be any age. Recorded
accompaniment is allowed, but no prerecorded track with backing vocals is allowed for vocal acts.
- Each act will be introduced; you may then begin your performance on stage.

$20 will be due at the competition to perform.
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