(SVM2021:BKK) Pre-Survey
1. This questionnaire has 3 main objectives:
1.1 To build on the success of conferences held in London, Milan, Istanbul, Taipei and Toronto (virtually in 2020). The SVM 2021 conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 20th and 21st October 2021. We aim to gather information about the problems in the past year in order to prepare a summary and consider it in the Board meeting.
1.2 To gain from your experience of previous Social Value Matters / Social Value International Conference.
1.3 To cater to what you would like to see from Social Value Matters 2021 and support a global movement to create sustainable and more equitable future for all.

2. As we plan for SVM 2021 we would like to use this opportunity to analyze the perspectives and voices from the wider SVI communities and networks to know about:
[Section1] Basic Information
[Section2] Past Conference
[Section3] Social Value Matters 2021

With little more than 8 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and no country on target to achieve these by 2030, the future can seem bleak. However, the global response to COVID-19 shows that the world can work together to create the rapid responses required to solve the large-scale challenges that people and the planet face.

Notice: Please return this pre-survey by 26 th January, 2021
Thank you very much for your valuable information.
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