SST Application
Dear Friend,

Hello from Cimarron, Colorado! Thank you for your interest in the Summer Service Training program (SST).
We are excited that the Lord is leading you to Youth with A Mission (YWAM). To apply please make sure that you fill out all the forms including:

o School Application (Current Online Application)
o Confidential health form (Unavailable online, must be sent in mail/fax)
o Supplemental questions (Available to fill out online)
o Passport Size photo must be uploaded in the Application
o References to be forwarded to:
-Your pastor/ spiritual leader (Available to fill out online)
-Employer or teacher (Available to fill out online)
-A mature Christian friend. (Available to fill out online)
o All applications must have a $100 deposit fee (Sent in the mail), which will be applied to the tuition. There will be a $20 withdrawal fee assessed for cancelled applications. Please note that without the deposit sent in, applications can not be accepted

Tuition is currently $795 USD, which covers tuition, room, and food during your lecture phase and outreach phase in Cimarron and the Reservation. Traveling to arrive at the campus is not covered in fees

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. May our God bless and lead you! DTS Administrator

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