English Beyond Borders - Application Form
This application form is part of our screening process for the position of a Foreign English Teacher for i-HUFS English Camp. Please note that some of the questions asked below are for statistical purposes.
Full name that appears on your passport *
i.e. John Cool Smith
Your email address *
Phone number(s) to be reached at. *
Which of the following degrees/certifications you have on HAND *
Do you have your official SEALED transcripts on hand? *
Do you have a copy of your criminal clearance letter - Dated within the past 6 months? *
Please note, you do not require a vulnerable sector check for the work visa you are applying for.
Please choose one of the following that best describes your current occupation *
The MAIN reason(s) why I want to participate in this opportunity in South Korea *
Check if it applies to you.
Do you have any dietary restrictions?
Please note the institution can not accommodate those with food restrictions as everything is mass produced in the cafeteria
Are you physically and mentally capable to travel abroad without seeking medical attention? *
Do you hold a Canadian Passport? *
Are you currently living in Ontario? *
When does your passport expire? *
Where did you hear about this opportunity? *
Will you be ready and available to apply with all documents required for a work visa? *
Will you be able to deposit $500 for the flight upon the job offer? *
Are you aware of all required documents needed for the C-4 short term employment? *
Are you willing to pay for all out of pocket expenses? *
i.e. visa application, criminal background check, ordering sealed transcripts,
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