Student Code of Conduct Acknowledgement 2023-24
One form must be completed per child in each family. This document is for SFL students only.       
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My Child and I have read/discussed and agree to comply with all rules and procedures set forth in the Moore County Schools Handbook, including the Student Code of Conduct,Digital Learning, and all Parent Notifications.I, the parent/guardian named above, furthermore give authorization for my student to participation the MCS Device Program and request for my student to be issued a Device and to be allowed to remove it from campus under the terms and conditions described in the Student and Parent/Guardian Device Agreement section of this booklet. My student has read and will comply with the guidelines and procedures outlined in the Proper Device Care Guidelines section of this booklet. Further, I have read and understand the section titled Use of Web Tools, Email, and Publication of Digital Work. I hereby authorize my child to utilize their MCS Google Apps for Education account to register for instructional web tools, email both within and outside of our MCS domain, and publish digital work to the Internet. I understand that I may revoke this consent in writing and that, absent such written revocation, this consent will expire a full calendar year from the date I sign.We, the student and the parent/guardian named above, have carefully read, understand, and accept the preceding terms and conditions which will govern the student’s possession and use of a Device issued to the student by Moore County Schools. We certify that we will comply with these terms at all times while the Device is in the possession or under the control of the student. * * *
Completing this questionnaire indicates my acknowledgement of the Student Code of Conduct including the device agreement through Moore County Schools. Type your full name as your signature below. (Parent/Guardian) * * *
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