Vision 2020 Input Tool Webinar
At the Vision 2020 Network Gathering in October, we introduced members to a policy input tool that walks participants through three strategies that address our state revenue woes -- specifically Article 10 Section 20 of our constitution (TABOR) -- and different implementation options.

Your engagement with this tool is crucial because Vision 2020 believes that the ballot process is an important way we, as residents of the state, can build the communities we want. Unfortunately, too often the ballot process is controlled by a few rather than tapping into the power of the many. Vision 2020 seeks to improve the process by having lots of voices weigh in on the best options for making changes to the way we invest in ourselves.

As part of this effort, we are asking for your input and the input of your networks, friends and family, which will help shape a ballot measure that updates Colorado’s outdated tax code.

If you missed our October meeting or just want a refesher on how to use the tool, join us for a webinar that will walk you through the tool and supporting resources so that you can share your thinking and feel confident asking others in you networks to give their input as well.

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