Fall Convention 2020 Hair Donation Form
How this works:
1. Seaboarders donate their hair anytime between now and November 27.
2. Seaboarders send in pictures and/or videos of their haircut and the hair they are donating to sato.seaboard@gmail.com.
3. We will feature their pictures on social media and thank these Seaboarders for donating their hair during Fall Convention.

How to donate your hair:
Option A: Donate through your local hairdresser (Hairdressers take care of the donation for you. Check with their requirements for whichever organization they send hair to.)

Option B: Cut your hair at home! Follow these steps to cut and donate your hair to Children with Hair Loss.
1. Clean and dry your hair.
2. Put your hair in ponytails or braids.
3. Cut a minimum of 8 inches of hair, 8-12 inches preferred (measured from tip to tip)
4. Dyed hair is acceptable. (cannot be highlighted/chemically-treated)
5. Any hair NOT bundled in a ponytail or braid, cannot be used. This includes hair swept off the floor or shaved without being bundled.
6. Layered hair should be divided into multiple ponytails (to get the correct length)
7. Fill out this donation form (can be filled out on a computer, then printed)
8. Mail the form and your hair in a Ziploc to Children with Hair Loss
12776 Dixie Hwy, South Rockwood, MI 48179

If you have any questions or need assistance in the logistics of getting your hair cut and donated, please email Sara Klemow at sato.seaboard@gmail.com.
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USYer consent to have your pictures or videos featured during Fall Convention. Please give your electronic signature here. *
Parental consent: By signing this, you are aware of your child's plan to donate their hair and give permission for their pictures or videos to be featured during Fall Convention. Please give your electronic signature here. *
Thank you!!
Please send your pictures and/or videos to sato.seaboard@gmail.com by Nov 20.
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