Community of Care – Sunday December 8th, 12:30pm – 5:30pm
45 youth from across the metro Vancouver area will come together and participate in the charitable ethic of giving back to our local communities and helping those in need. Themes and actions of the day are grounded in the ethics and values of our faiths. As December is a culturally significant month and universally recognised as a time for giving, we will create care packages consisting of food, clothes, toiletries, water and warm fuzzies and distribute them to the downtown east side where over 2000 Vancouverites are living in poverty.
The cost is $15 + a pair of new socks - which covers transportation, a hot lunch, care package items, & hot chocolate.
This is also an opportunity to:
• Follow and live out the guidance of our faith
• Meet like-minded youth from across metro Vancouver
• See first-hand some of the socio-economic challenges facing local communities
• Help our most vulnerable communities
• Receive community service hours for school
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