We Want Your Feedback About the Proposed 2020 Budget
We need your feedback. It is possible that some bus routes could be reduced or eliminated next year as part of the proposed 2020 Transit Budget. We encourage you to answer the following questions and include any comments or concerns. For more information, please visit RideMCTS.com/Budget. Thank you for your time!
What is your preferred gender?
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Which of the following ethnicity groups do you identify with? (please check all that apply)
What is your primary language?
What is your highest level of education completed?
Are you currently employed?
What is the zip code of your current residence?
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What is your email address?
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Do you use a mobility device or have a disability?
How often do you ride MCTS? (check only one answer)
Which bus route(s) do you use most often?
What are your most common destinations when riding MCTS?
If your bus route was not available, what would be your primary means of travel?
Do you have regular access to a personal vehicle? (To drive alone or with someone else)
How would the proposed route cuts affect you?
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Do you have any other comments?
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