Mamacademy PH PowHER Up Session #1: Passion to Profit - Creating / Turning a Passion Project into a Business (July 31, 2021)
Have you been wanting to start something you are genuinely passionate about and eventually turn that into a business? Don't exit just yet because you're in for something really exciting!

Today, we find a lot of women who are excited with the thought of starting something they feel strongly about, hyped with the idea of creating a project that is personal to them but only ending up pushing the entire idea aside and unable to sustain because they're not sure WHAT and HOW to do things.

For the first PowHER Up Session, we are having our very on Mamacademy PH Learning Mombassador, Kaye Ang, as she shares her personal story through finding something she's really passionate about, creating it almost four years back, and by God's grace, turning it into a business.

In this session, she'll help you:

- zero in on a passion point that you can potentially pursue as a project and create a starting plan that you can work on as you move along;

- identify actionable plans and strategies for you and help you validate your ideas by sharing things that helped her and did not work for her throughout her launch phase;

- brainstorm with other ladies and learn from their project ideas/businesses that can spark more inspirations for your own project;

- learn from her wins and mistakes as you build a more solid plan to help you sustain your passion project and transition it into a business eventually.

For the past 3+ years, Kaye has been creating valuable learning initiatives both on ground and online for public and private audience.

She's been tapped by different corporate clients from varied industries to help out in ideating value-adding learning sessions that can spark inspiration among its identified audience.

With a growing and thriving online community for the past years, she's been actively speaking, advocating, and promoting learning as a lifestyle not just for moms, families, but also for every Filipino out there through the initiatives of Mamacademy PH.

We pray that this session will give you that much-needed spark, push, idea, inspiration you need to start and/or sustain what you have started.

In this session too, we'll invite a female entrepreneur guest, Lan Perez of Mother Nurture PH to share with us her humble beginnings and story of success of starting a passion project and turning it into a business.


Date: July 31, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00AM - 12:00PM
Learning Platform: Zoom
Learning Fee: Php 499
*first 5 complete registrants will receive one FREE 30-minute consult session post workshop
*comes with checklist / printables to help you build & strengthen your ideas

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